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Very good experience, providing us with deep insight to support us for the next step. They listened to all problems that has to solved. Overall 9/10, the project results are great as expected.

Putri Noor Shaqina

Co-Founder & Chief Growth and Marketing, Woobiz

Menurut saya program yg dilakukan IYS ini sebetulnya sangat mulia sekali. Dengan tim kecil yg efisien, semua aspek yang menjadi concern client benar-benar ditanggulangi, dan report yang diberikan juga luar biasa detail nya. Saya pribadi dan seluruh tim Dimsum Benhil sangat berterima kasih. Semoga apa yg dilakukan IYS bisa sampai ke khalayak yang lebih luas sehingga kita semua lebih terinspirasi untuk menciptakan bisnis-bisnis baru yang lebih maksimal lagi. Deandra Nadira

Owner, Dimsums Benhil


IYS has been very pivotal in my early career stage as the experience I had during my time there really helped me in my work. Looking back, the opportunity to talk to IYS clients in order to help them solving their business problem really shaped my analytical skill and set the framework which I always use to answer business questions. Having myself involved in IYS also provided me with a rare opportunity to experience the challenge Indonesia’s SME have first hand and understand how the youth can help them in their business.

I personally hope that IYS can scale up its impact to help SMEs unleashing their full potential and become a greater platform for youth to give something back to the community. Ignasius Ryan Hasim

President of IYS ( 2015 ), Category Manager at OLX Group

At IYS, I was exposed to real problems faced by small and medium businesses and I learned that strategies and tools that were useful for clients in my daily jobs, which were mostly large corporations, didn’t necessarily apply to them. I hope everyone at IYS keeps learning something new out of their involvement in IYS. Julian Sukmana Putra

President of IYS (2014), IT Advisory Manager of Ernst & Young

IYS is part of my significant professional development journey and makes me where I am today. It is a safe learning organization, a platform that facilitates our real contribution to the community and a great place for building the right network. I am proud to be one of its founders and believe that the new leadership can place IYS at its new growth level. Hopefully the team can start the intermediary function by connecting IYS SME clients to potential investors or lenders Shuhaela Zen

Founder of IYS, Director of Tusk Advisory

In the pursuit of growth, SMEs face jarring challenges from limited capital, market reach, to human talents. Given those challenges, some are stuck in between the choices of which the opportunity costs are not that clear. I think this is my main takeaway of spending three years with IYS – helping SMEs in making those hard trade-offs that yield the highest outcomes. Because simply, one can’t do all things at once and must act on the practical ones. So those choices should be the best course of actions to bring the business forward.

I hope IYS can continue help SMEs in making smarter choices in a bigger and sustainable way. Tegar Iman

President of IYS (2016) , Senior Manager - Mobility Marketplace at GO-JEK